I would bring my wife Iris. She comes from the island of Puerto Rico, USA. I was born in Northern California. We both had very difficult lives growing up and similar experiences in America’s forgotten poverty. Despite we grew up 3,700 miles apart as children, we both over came poverty only to return to it because of out of control corruption and criminals. Today we find ourselves refugees in our own Nation – The United States of America. We would like the President of the United States of America to know exactly why two productive good law abiding US Citizens of this great nation have suffered at the well documented hands of both public corruption, police corruption & ruthless murderous criminals and others yet to be named. No one defended our most basic Civil & Human rights (or Hate Crimes). We would humbly like to know why; to our faces and for the President to look into our eyes. We have lost everything, our possessions, our home, our land & nearly my life. We came to CT carrying only our suit cases, only to find every door of hope closed to us. I am a US Veteran and a Former Federal Police Officer – I served with integrity and honor for my US Government but it was not returned to me or my family. As a matter of fact they don’t play fair at all. But once you are devistated by murderers intent on cutting you up into tiny pieces with the aid of corrupt State Police Officers, everything else becomes anticlimactic in this Great Nation. – Randy L. Dixon Rivera


I have much more than this to share about the Facts & Evidence: http://www.change.org/petitions/american-justice-or-fbi-cover-up#

The Truth is slowly getting out & I pray true “Justice” is not far away for my family and I.


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