But she just had a big WIN(?) in gun control murder capitol Puerto Rico, USA? Homicidal Chaos & death, it’s what Hillary does best! LL #2A – #OATH


Watch Crooked Hillary lie and dance around the question. What a worthless ****!

Published on Jun 5, 2016

“If it is a constitutional right…”

Sample of perceptive youtube comments:

She is delusional , The militia is the people no matter how you interpret it the original militia in the United States were the people and that is what was meant in the 2nd amendment the militia is a group of people who do not answer to the Government or the States they are a free group of people who take up arms to protect the people from tyranny . At this current moment the 2nd Amendment has been taken apart and torn down people should have the right to carry weapons without the consent of the US Government or the States it is a constitutional right not a law which has to be governed by the government .


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About dujaa74

An unexpected "Whistle Blowing" case on public corruption involving environmental crimes that lead directly to the collaborated & premeditated attempted murder of an unarmed Federal VA Police Officer in cold blood with federal agency knowledge (VA Police Service deliberate obstruction of justice, perjury & willful complacency against a honorable federal police officer who was in clear & present danger as well as his family). Exposing exactly how acts of public/official corruption can setup & attempt to murder an unarmed federal police officer without any criminal punishment for either the criminal perpetrators and their official collaborators; both of which remain protected by a highly criminally corrupted system using silence and denial (willful obstruction of justice). These are Facts, not allegations. It happened and has been very well documented as the FBI/DOJ well knows; additionally I personally challenge the FBI/DOJ to refute the facts of the case for which they were fully aware of six months before the attempted murder actually happened (I have the evidence). Without a Federal investigation there can be no criminal charges as is the case at present. The federal government aloud one of their officers to be subjugated by corrupt Puerto Rican State Police Officers who were identified and documented as acting on behalf of the perpetrators but were not intervened by federal authorities (FBI) leaving the unsupported federal police officer in avoidable & unnecessary danger. This case sets a very deadly precedent for all Federal Police Officers and exposes heinous acts of betrayal to both US Veterans & VA Police Officers who serve honorably as in this case. SEE: MSPB Short Case Title: RANDY L. DIXON v. DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS Docket #: NY-0752-11-0158-I-1

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