A guy with $170,000 in student loans who can’t find a job in the legal profession is suing his law school and working full time for Uber Moffatt is one of 12 former TJSL students now suing the law school, which they claim intentionally inflated postgraduation employment figures and salaries in order to lure applicants. The school is accused of reporting postgraduation employment figures that topped 90% in 2010 but neglecting to disclose that the figures included part-time work, such as pool cleaner and Victoria’s Secret sales clerk, the Associated Press reported this month, citing the suit and an attorney for the graduates. For its part, TJSL said in a court filing the year after the 2011 suit was filed that “at all times, TJSL calculated its employment statistics in full compliance with the [American Bar Association’s] reporting guidelines for law schools and the requirements of US News.” TJSL was founded as the Western State University College of Law, a for-profit law school owned by Education Management Corporation (EDMC). Many for-profit schools have been accused of aggressively recruiting students with a focus on depositing their federal financial-aid checks rather than providing them with a quality education. In November, EDMC paid $95.5 million to settle a case alleging it falsely obtained federal and state education funds. Graduates of law schools filed more than a dozen proposed class-action lawsuits in 2011 and 2012 alone, according to The Wall Street Journal. In October, a Florida judge threw out a suit against Florida Coastal School of Law, saying that applicants to the school are “a sophisticated subset of education consumers, capable of sifting through data and weighing alternatives,” The Journal reported. The school’s website indicates it has a variety of different services to help students pass the bar, including faculty members dedicated to preparing students for the bar, and pre- and postgraduation preparation courses. While he won scholarship money to pay for undergrad, Moffatt took out $120,000 in student loans to finance law school. America’s largest for-profit college was struck a major blow, and the entire industry should be scared2 whistleblowers described life at a college ‘recruitment mill’ that paid a record $95 million settlementThings don’t look good for America’s largest for-profit collegeSEE ALSO: 

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An unexpected "Whistle Blowing" case on public corruption involving environmental crimes that lead directly to the collaborated & premeditated attempted murder of an unarmed Federal VA Police Officer in cold blood with federal agency knowledge (VA Police Service deliberate obstruction of justice, perjury & willful complacency against a honorable federal police officer who was in clear & present danger as well as his family). Exposing exactly how acts of public/official corruption can setup & attempt to murder an unarmed federal police officer without any criminal punishment for either the criminal perpetrators and their official collaborators; both of which remain protected by a highly criminally corrupted system using silence and denial (willful obstruction of justice). These are Facts, not allegations. It happened and has been very well documented as the FBI/DOJ well knows; additionally I personally challenge the FBI/DOJ to refute the facts of the case for which they were fully aware of six months before the attempted murder actually happened (I have the evidence). Without a Federal investigation there can be no criminal charges as is the case at present. The federal government aloud one of their officers to be subjugated by corrupt Puerto Rican State Police Officers who were identified and documented as acting on behalf of the perpetrators but were not intervened by federal authorities (FBI) leaving the unsupported federal police officer in avoidable & unnecessary danger. This case sets a very deadly precedent for all Federal Police Officers and exposes heinous acts of betrayal to both US Veterans & VA Police Officers who serve honorably as in this case. SEE: MSPB Short Case Title: RANDY L. DIXON v. DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS Docket #: NY-0752-11-0158-I-1

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