FBI preparing for “Islamic terrorist” attacks in Puerto Rico


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The FBI Director of Puerto Rico, Douglas Leff, is preparing his agents for an attack from ISIS terrorists. “The Islamic terrorists can attack here, and they will,” said Leff during a radio interview with NotiUno 630.

This is the latest in a series of FBI alerts, regarding potential violence on the island of Puerto Rico…




Director Leff expressed concern that ISIS terrorists could “enter the US through Puerto Rico,” and then “have access to the rest of the United States.”

That does not make any sense.

The US-Mexico border is 1,989 miles long, and the US-Canada border is 1,538 miles long. Together, they amount to over 3,500 miles of permeable border.

An ISIS terrorist can simply walk into the U.S. from either border…whereas in Puerto Rico, the terrorist would still have to get on a plane, show a passport and pass through TSA airport security…

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Milwaukee man shoots and kills a Puerto Rican for speaking Spanish

You’re all being played ….. we are their cattle nothing more. Race is a tool used to control, dehumanize & divide us as Americans.


War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony

This past week, a 39-year-old Milwaukee man shot and killed one of his neighbors, Jesus R. Manso-Perez, for speaking in Spanish to his own son. Mr. Manso-Perez was Puerto Rican, and was accompanying his son to the laundry.

The killer is named Dan J. Popp. According to Manso-Perez’s son, Popp disapproved of their speaking in Spanish. This disapproval was so strong, that he got a rifle from his apartment and told Mr. Manso-Perez “You guys got to go.” Then he shot him in the head. Here is a video about the shooting:

Popp then went on a rampage and killed Phia Vue and his wife Mai Vue, two other neighbors in the same apartment complex.                                                          

Popp faces three counts of first-degree homicide, and a fourth charge of attempted first-degree homicide for shooting at, but not wounding, Manso-Perez’s 18-year-old son.



The murders are a tragedy in…

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Hillary Clinton won’t say whether right to bear arms is a constitutional right (Video)

But she just had a big WIN(?) in gun control murder capitol Puerto Rico, USA? Homicidal Chaos & death, it’s what Hillary does best! LL #2A – #OATH


Watch Crooked Hillary lie and dance around the question. What a worthless ****!

Published on Jun 5, 2016

“If it is a constitutional right…”

Sample of perceptive youtube comments:

She is delusional , The militia is the people no matter how you interpret it the original militia in the United States were the people and that is what was meant in the 2nd amendment the militia is a group of people who do not answer to the Government or the States they are a free group of people who take up arms to protect the people from tyranny . At this current moment the 2nd Amendment has been taken apart and torn down people should have the right to carry weapons without the consent of the US Government or the States it is a constitutional right not a law which has to be governed by the government .


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Ex-Lee police chief sentenced to 27 months in prison

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Lee’s former police chief has been sentenced to 27 months in prison on an extortion charge. Joseph Buffis was sentenced Tuesday at U.S. District Court in Springfield.

Federal prosecutors said that in February of 2012, Buffis used his position to extort a $4,000 donation to a holiday toy fund he controlled, from a couple that had been facing charges for allegedly running a prostitution business out of their inn.


Ex-Lee police chief sentenced to 27 months in prison




San Jose: Officers shoot man who chased, attacked mother with ax in middle of street

Officers shot a man who was reportedly chasing and hacking at his mother with an ax in the middle of a South San Jose street Wednesday morning.

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Albany University Expels Women Charged with Fabricating ‘Hate Crime’ – Breitbart

Three women who falsely claimed they were victims of racial abuse and physical assault have been expelled from Albany University and will now face criminal charges.

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Gun Control on Mother’s Day in Chicago: 49 Shot, 8 Dead in 48 Hours – Freedom Outpost

Gun Control on Mother’s Day in Chicago: 49 Shot, 8 Dead in 48 Hours

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Hillary Clinton Supports Australia-style Gun Confiscation

Hillary Clinton Supports Australia-style Communist Gun Confiscation https://youtu.be/SvcWePEsg94 STOP Hillary prevent another #Benghazi #OATH   

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Suspect, 2 victims dead in Massachusetts attacks, police say

Two victims in a series of stabbings in Taunton, Massachusetts, have died, as well as the suspect, police said Tuesday night.

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Lucky a law-abiding citizen had a gun. Innocent lives were saved.  LL #2A

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STOP begging the government for your unalienable RIGHTS!! LL #2A – #OATH


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